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Are you ready to LOVE what you do
Reach the levels of Success you Desire?

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About me

The Inspired Attorney®:
Life & Business Strategist

I hear it all the time, colleagues sighing in frustration while they say "Why did I even become an attorney?" 

When you're not practicing from a place of passion and joy, every day can feel like you're on a hamster wheel slogging through the muck. 

Whether you're running a small firm and you're overwhelmed by having to both be the best attorney you can be AND a small business owner, OR your vision for your life simply doesn't match your current path... know that you are not alone.

I get it, I've been there, and I can help. I use my business background, experiences, knowledge, insights, positive attitude, along with my ability to create and implement creative solutions to help you not only transform your life and practice, but also reach the levels of success you desire.

Our lives are so intertwined with our work, that unhappiness in our work life spills over into our private lives. So why wait another moment to make a change for the better?

Take the first step by using the link below to book a complimentary call and mini strategy session with me.

New levels of success and happiness are waiting for you.

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Your Strategic Partner

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The Inspired Attorney® Assessment

Discover your SuperPowers...

This assessment will help you hone in on your SuperPowers, discover what Values are most important to you, how you make decisions, what organization type is your right fit, what your values are, how you lead, what areas you need help with, and much more! 

Each Assessment comes with a Strategy Session with me to go over your results! 

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Individual Strategy Sessions

The Path to Success

Seeking Strategic Guidance?


I offer one-on-one strategy sessions where we not only work through your most pressing challenges, but also discover and harness your SuperPowers so that you can practice from that place of joy you deserve and reach the levels of success you so desire. 


I am so certain of my ability to add value, that the first strategy session is on me:

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